Family Ricagno, winemaker from1888

The Ca' dei Mandorli, of Paul and Stefano Ricagno is a wine Company in Alto Monferrato has been producing wine for over two centuries. Father and son today work in synergy, in order to find modern and innovative solutions, typical of the new generations, while strongly maintaining the roots and the tradition that characterize this historical winery. Stefano, who represents the fifth generation, has a degree on “Viticoltura and Enologia”; he is wine passionate and controller of the quality of its products.

The philosophy of Paul and Stefano follows the love for the earth and its vineyards, for the human resources, the engagement in the hard but rewarding job of the earth. The passion of an activity that not only proposes the wine, but also a history, a territory, a landscape and the values that it carries.

The passion for the excellence in oenology, this is the true spirit of the Ca'dei Mandorli..

Ca' dei Mandorli Famiglia Ricagno, viticoltori dal 1888
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